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Case Study

Successfully handled the high Volumes and Sensitivities involved in Proctoring for Secondary School Tests for students aged 5–11


The client is a global leader in workforce solutions with over 70 years experience delivering successful testing programs to help people achieve success in their academic, personal, and work lives.


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Online Proctoring Solutions Case Study


The Client was looking for high-volume Proctors within a week to cater to a single-day peak of School tests for students aged 5-11. Due to the sensitive nature of the work the key requirement was for a Partner who was reliable, trustworthy, and capable of providing high caliber Proctors (sensitive to the young age of the students)

The second challenge being the need to train the Proctors on handling young children with a high degree of empathy and sensitivity


Datamatics trained 300 Proctors across 4 different locations within a week to cater to such peak volumes of 3000 exams on a single particular day. 

Considering young students, a significant time was devoted to coaching the Proctors on the high sensitivities & training around patience, empathy, and friendliness to increase comfort levels with the students.

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95% Accuracy for 3000 exams


Accuracy for 3000+ exams in a span of 10 hours

5/6 CSAT score driven


CSAT score driven by the proactivity, responsiveness, and ecosystem created around the entire quick turnaround process

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