Optimized Logistics & Transportation for Western Bainoona Group with RPA & IOT
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Optimized Logistics & Transportation for Western Bainoona Group with RPA & IOT


Western Bainoona Group (WBG) is one of the largest group companies in the MEA Region. The group's business verticals include Construction, Land Transportation, and Crushers, needed to optimize its logistics and transportations processes.


Engineering & Construction


United Arab Emirates (UAE)




Western Bainoona Group (WBG) had a huge fleet of trucks that were used to transport materials at multiple destinations. The fleet would collectively make more than a thousand trips every day.

WBG was manually updating the entry and the exit timings of each truck on a daily basis which often resulted in delays in payments due to slow manual processing.

Western Bainoona Group (WBG) wanted to automate the current process in order to reduce turnaround time as the errors and delays had caused a negative impact across the group & the stakeholders.


After analyzing multiple players in the RPA global market and their internal IT team, Western Bainoona Group (WBG) selected Datamatics and SAISOFT as its partner in their digital transformation journey to automate the end-to-end processing of the payments.

SAISOFT and Datamatics created a 3-stage automation program for WBG. The first stage of the program focused on transportation and customer service with automation candidates that each business unit wanted to prioritize.

A scalable Automation Operation Model (AOM) was created, and the IoT Sensors & robots were delivered using Datamatics TruBot Hyperautomation suite, IoT Sensors, and SAISOFT's automation framework with continuous maintenance and support through autonomic monitoring and managed services.

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$250000 estimated annual savings with RPA

Considerable operational cost savings per year with automation

23,040  Man hours saved

3 days to 4 hours

Reduction in processing time

Customer Testimonial

"When looking at the benefits we’ve seen since working with SAISOFT & Datamatics TruBot, we talk about hours displaced rather than the time saved. This is because generally speaking when we've automated a task we haven't taken a job away from someone. We’ve freed them up to do something more meaningful"


Mohamad Skafi
IT Director, Western Bainoona Group (WBG)

Western Bainoona Group

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