Non-Profit Organization moves to AWS Cloud to Increase Efficiency
Case Study

One of World's Largest Non-Profit Philanthropic Organization moves to AWS Cloud to Increase Efficiency


The client is among India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations and supports an assortment of causes, institutions and individuals in a wide variety of areas.


Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization moves to AWS Cloud to Increase Efficiency


The Trust has users that are spread across multiple locations and since the data was scattered, managing the profile of its users was a major challenge for the organization's IT team.

The users did not have a unified security and common end point protection policies. They use separate applications and accounts for emails and other purposes which makes it difficult and causes delay in support from the IT department.

The client's SAAS based application such as HRMS & Prism needed centralized authentication and the users spread across the country needed a simpler and secured way for connecting to corporate office & applications. the client also needed end point security controls through centralized management interface.


The client embarked on their digital journey by consulting with Datamatics and leveraging AWS infrastructure as a service with a focus on enhancing the corporate user experience and external stakeholders for seamless authentication.

All applications currently being used and and the ones to be used in future and other third party applications such as oracle financials & HRMS were designed to use single sign in capabilities.

Implementing AWS enabled the client with a simple and flexible solution considering long term approach, secured private and public subnet zones were used for handling the security concerns. AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch were implemented to get real-time updates on the security and operational events generated by the AWS environment.


Optimized cloud environment

Optimized Cloud Environment

The customer identified the scalable infrastructure with faster release process.

Ahead of the security curve

Ahead Of The Security Curve

The customer chose to stay ahead of the technology and we supported them in building secure frameworks for cloud deployments. The customer also got a chance to leverage security features.