IAAS and SAAS AWS Cloud Migration Case Study
Case Study

New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) seamlessly moves to AWS Cloud to improve efficiency


The New England Historic Genealogical Society is the oldest and most respected genealogical organization in the United States and was founded in 1845. NEHGS is a member-based nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing the study of family history in America and beyond, by educating, inspiring, and connecting people through our scholarship, collections, and expertise.



 IAAS and SAAS AWS Cloud Migration Case Study


NEHGS wanted to migrate from a hosted infrastructure to AWS cloud for making their operations more seamless and efficient and Acquire an Audit facility to keep close watch on the cloud infrastructure.


Datamatics supported NEHGS to seamlessly move to the AWS cloud.

Provided IAAS and SAAS based solution with incorporated security. Enabled NEHGS to have centralized authentication with SAAS based application integration on AWS.
Entire migration was done within deadline of 1 month. Migration for end user was seamless.


Centralization - AWS Cloud Migration Case Study


Of IT infrastructure, all environments viz. development, testing and production are moved to the AWS cloud and being monitored by Datamatics remotely.

Time Reduction - AWS Cloud Migration

Time Reduction

For setup and configuration especially with the ability to create instances using snapshots within minutes.

Cost Reduction - AWS Cloud Migration Case Study

Cost Reduction

Costs are controlled with Development & Quality environments being stopped when not in use.

Customer Testimonial

"The application itself and our hosting environment have never been in better shape. We could not have done this without the very capable help of the entire Datamatics team."
Don LeClair

Don LeClair
Associate Director, Database Search & Systems
American Ancestors & New England
Historic Genealogical Society

American Ancestors

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