Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

Improved CX and Reduced AHT by Deploying an AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Solution for a Leading US Call Center


The client is a premier, client-focused, people-centric contact center located in Maryland since 2011. Since the day of origin, the client has grown to employ 90+ highly skilled customer service support specialists offering a wide array of services, such as inbound & outbound calls, email support, chat services, and sales support to a diverse range of industries.


Consumer Services


United States



The client struggled with providing high-quality customer support due to persistent background noise during calls and frequent call drops. The background noise led to unclear communication, necessitating repeated information exchanges and extending the Average Handling Time (AHT).

Frequent call drops resulted in repeated callbacks, increasing the workload for the support team and negatively impacting the customer experience. These issues combined to create a challenging environment for maintaining the client’s standard of excellence in customer support.


The Datamatics team, after assessing the business needs and understanding the challenges, implemented an AI-powered Noise Cancellation Solution. This solution selectively allowed active voices while filtering out distractions and background noises.

Furthermore, Datamatics deployed a 24/7 Omnichannel Contact Center, where they used the Noise Cancellation solution to efficiently handle client contact center calls. This led to clearer communication, expedited issue resolution, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales.



Average handling time (AHT) reduced by 12%


20-25% decrease in repeat calls


14% increase in sales


CSAT scores jumped from 81% to 90%

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