Hybrid Mobile App for India's First Smart Electric Vehicle Company Case study
Case Study

Hybrid Mobile App for a Leading Smart Electric Vehicle Company


The client is a leading Indian electric vehicle company engaged in the manufacturing of electric scooters and building infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points.





The client wanted to rapidly roll out a new electric scooter in the Indian market and was looking to develop a mobile app which could enable customers to find the nearest charging station and recharge their electric vehicles (both 2 and 4 wheeler).

The client lacked a professional team with relevant experience to develop a hybrid app.

Solution | Hybrid Mobile App Development

Datamatics developed a hybrid app for iOS and Android OS platforms to automate the discovery of electric charging stations and fulfilment.

Google maps was integrated to display the current location of the customer and enable him/ her to find nearby charging stations.

Customer could provide vehicle details and select the appropriate charging pack suitable for the vehicle.


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60 Charging points supported across the country

60 Charging Points

supported across the country

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