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Case Study

GP Automate Achieves High Operational Excellence, Revolutionizing Healthcare Efficiency with Datamatics TruBot RPA


GP Automate is the new way to create time in general practice by automating workload. Whether it be registering a new patient, actioning lab reports, or Florey questionnaires, GP Automate completes tasks faster and more accurately, saving practices >75% of staff costs. Created by a GP partner, this solution liberates practices from the time-consuming tasks that do not require cognitive decision making.


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GP Automate was founded to develop a solution to automate work across general practice, which would not only alleviate the burden of general practitioners but ideally transform the industry by utilizing the software across other GP practices in other parts of the country.

The practice was struggling with staff understanding and over-utilization, leading to increased costs.

These costs led to a significant increase in the expenses and as a result, affected GP Automate’s net profit.


Datamatics did a quick analysis of these issues with the current systems and provided best so Datamatics provided a tailored automation solution for GP Automate, which addressed the unique challenges faced by the NHS.

The Datamatics TruBot RPA implementation showcased a scalable and cost-effective approach, addressing the financial constraints prevalent in the healthcare sector.

The collaboration fostered a transparent relationship, enabling a smooth transition to development.

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Improved patient engagement

increased appointment turnout.


Increased operational efficiency

by reduced 870 clinical hours, streamlining processes for 1 million patients and handling 68,000 lab reports


Enhanced precision

and reliability ensuring 100% accurate patient data


Reduced manual efforts enhanced cost-efficiency

Customer Testimonial

"Datamatics has been an excellent partner in this solution that is continually developing and growing, and we look forward to utilizing the artificial intelligence that they have built into Datamatics TruBot to further enhance automation within our industry of the NHS in the UK”


Dr Arun Notaney
CEO & Founder, GP Automate


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