Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

Google Cloud to AWS Cloud Migration Solution for a Leading Communications Provider for Schools in Australia


The client is one of the leading communications partners for thousands of schools across Australia. It specializes in communication tools that increase parent engagement and streamline admin systems, assisting schools to connect with and keep their community informed.


Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services


Australia & UK

cloud migration solution


  • Recasting of technology stack: The client application needed a change of technology stack from Redis on a Virtual machine to Elasticache service on AWS and Kubernetes on GCP to Elastic Beanstalk on AWS.

  • Complex tech stack: The client’s existing technology stack involved many complex technologies like Redis, RDS, and Kubernetes to serve the application. This led to a prolonged development time and added cost.


  • Isolation of authentication module from AWS: The Authentication module was run as a service instead of a web application, given the incompatibility of the module with AWS.
  • Cloudflare implementation: Cloudflare implementation of the custom domains was performed in phases to make sure it could handle the load of the application.



42% reduction in traffic congestion

With automated scalability


25% increase in efficiency

After migrating to AWS with reduced complexity


Lower costs
Due to the simplified cloud environment & scalability


Reduced dependences
on any kind of manual intervention on scalability

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