TruAI-powered Image Analytics solution


TruAI-powered Image Analytics solution - Undersea Cable Fault Detection

This video shows how TruAI-powered Image Analytics helps detect surface cable faults in submarine power cables. TruAI-powered Image Analytics enables remotely operated vehicles or ROVs, such as mini-submarines, to take video snippets of underwater power cables by running across them and uploading the video output to the mother ship or analyzing it at the Edge. The Image Analytics solution analyzes the video snippets frame-by-frame to detect any cable faults. 

The solution helps to detect the fault location and more than 16 types of faults, such as Cable shear, Anode Waste, Bare Metal, etc. With its AI-first approach, the Datamatics TruAI-powered solution can identify other types of faults with deep analysis, as required. The Image Analytics solution reduces the maintenance cost of submarine cables and supports preventive maintenance, both offsite and at the Edge.

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