Record-to-Report Automation solution powered by FINATO


FINATO powered Transformation of the R2R space

Datamatics FINATO is a smart, simple, and intuitive digital platform for end-to-end CFO Backoffice Automation.

FINATO's R2R workflow helps businesses comply with statutory requirements through the functionalities of end-to-end audit trail and role-based access control or RBAC. It has in-built AI-powered checks and validations across all critical nodes. It supports 360-degree process flow monitoring through real-time alerts, notifications, and dashboards. With end-to-end automation at the core, FINATO's R2R module supports real-time posting and integration with ERP systems.

FINATO R2R has the capability for end-to-end automation from JV entry, reviewing, monitoring, and integrating with the ERP system. RBAC and audit trails make the entire R2R journey transparent, efficient, and compliant.

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