Invoice Matching Automation



Invoice Matching Automation


Oftentimes, it is challenging for businesses to track inward processing of goods when one department raises a purchase order or PO, another department receives the invoice, and a third department creates a goods received note or GRN. In such scenarios, tracking invoices, matching them with respective POs and GRNs, eliminating duplicate payments and incorrect payments, or adhering to deadlines become business priorities. 

Datamatics Intelligent Automation solution, with AI at the core, automates tasks and processes and improves process turnaround time by 20%. Let us see how it helps businesses with 3-way Invoice Matching. The solution leverages AI technologies to intelligently match invoices received in email from different vendors with the respective PO and GRN. In a similar manner, Datamatics Intelligent Automation helps automate medium to complex tasks.

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