Data Science for Economic Development of Countries

Data Science for Economic Development of Countries


The client is a Paris-based International Organisation


International Organization


The client had existing policy simulators that were developed in VB and Dot Net and they were seeking to redevelop the existing policy simulators using R and R-Shiny.

The client wanted to check whether R Shiny is capable of providing better performance or similar as compared to website
though there are large number of components/widgets in the Application.

The team wanted to save cost and time by redesigning this policy simulators into intelligent policy simulators with interactive UI/UX. They required a platform where UI can be made customizable and capable of generating Automated BI reports.


In order to achieve this objective, Datamatics has developed a Policy Simulator the International Organization. Datamatics Policy Simulator helps their Policy Makers in simulating the impact of a change in policy, regulation or law. Further it helps them in creating what-if scenarios on the fly, by changing multiple parameters.

Datamatics developed Policy Simulator replaced the complex Excel sheets that were traditionally used by the statisticians and policy makers and provided intuitive way of conducting comparison and Predictive Analysis without seeking any assistance from technology experts.


Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

By automating the processes and focusing more on the analysis and environment challenges

85% Reduction

85% Reduction

In costs for developing other policy simulators