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Case Study

A Municipal Council of a City Improves Emergency Response Time with Process Audits, Insights & Analytics During Nationwide Lockdown


The client is a prominent municipal corporation responsible for urban governance and administration in a major metropolitan area. With a mandate to provide a wide range of civic services, the client manages everything from infrastructure development to public health and sanitation.


Public Administration





The client faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 crisis when the City Council established a COVID Helpline to aid the needy, migrant, and below-poverty-line population. The helpline, managed by only 5-6 existing staff, was overwhelmed with an estimated 1000+ distress calls daily. This volume was difficult for the limited staff to manage effectively.

Additionally, due to the high call volume, callers had to wait a minimum of 3 minutes to speak with a representative. This delay could potentially exacerbate the distress of those in urgent need of assistance. The situation highlighted the need for more robust staffing and efficient management of such crucial helplines, especially during a crisis.


The Datamatics team took full control of the City Council COVID helpline, deploying a state-of-the-art Cloud telephony-based emergency response center within two days. They established a team of over 50 executives working in a hybrid model and enabled 24x7 staffing for seamless round-the-clock support. The team leveraged rigorous OPEX and EQUIP models for rapid operationalization.

Datamatics discovered that as much as 33% of the total calls were from repeat callers. To address this, a Mystery Audit of the existing process was conducted with over 180 auditors. The critical call data and mystery shopping experiences were analyzed to identify the reasons for these repeat calls.

The insights were presented to the Commissioner, and immediate actions were taken to address the issue. This comprehensive approach significantly improved the helpline’s efficiency and effectiveness.



4000+ calls handled per day

with less than 2% call drops rates

Reduced average call handling time to 3 minutes

& achieved less than 30 second waiting time

25,000+ grocery kits distributed to the migrant and resident citizens


600,000+ individuals provided with food, logistics and other aids

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