Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

A Leading Power Generation Company Improved Employee Productivity with a Centralized Meeting Management System


The client is one of the largest integrated power companies in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, it plays a significant role in generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity across the country. The company is known for its commitment to renewable energy sources and has made substantial investments in solar and wind power projects.


Energy & Power





The client faced challenges in managing meetings effectively. This included integrating Outlook for calendar invites and an internal system for room bookings, tracking action items and meeting progress, and maintaining a centralized system to record all meetings with appropriate permissions for confidentiality.

Furthermore, updating assigned action items from any location posed a significant challenge


Datamatics developed a Meeting Management System to streamline various types of meetings. The system provided a centralized platform for scheduling, planning, and tracking meeting-related activities. It facilitated automatic meeting creation with calendar invites, capturing minutes, and generating action items with defined priorities and due dates.

The system also enabled tracking of assigned action items, sharing updates via email, and easy search of past meetings.

A personal dashboard provided an overview of meetings and task status. The system’s capabilities enhanced the efficiency of meeting management.



Better collaboration and improved decision-making

with the meeting management application


Increased availability of meeting rooms

and more efficient use of organizational resources

Increased Productivity

with efficient tracking of action items from meetings

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