Banks Increases Productivity with Salesforce Implementation Case Study
Case Study

A Leading Middle East Logistics Technology Company Improves Efficiency by 35% After Seamlessly Moving to AWS Cloud


The client is the most efficient digital freight network, using AI/ML and cutting-edge technology to simplify road freight and logistics operations.


Logistics & Transportation



The client’s existing database setup had multiple challenges as the quality of the database was not consistent. Hardware/ software failures, data corruption, accidental deletion of data caused data failures on multiple occasions.

The client was lacking the strategy to recover the lost databases within the desired RPO/RTO requirements.

They wanted to increase organizational efficiency by revamping the existing database setup on the cloud and enable data visualization for transparency


Datamatics implemented AWS Compute SQL server log shipping method on the database servers of the client to configure Disaster Recovery (DR). Log shipping enabled the client to automatically send transaction log backups from a Primary database Instance to their respective Secondary databases (also known as warm standby/Slave) on separate DB Instance.

Datamatics implemented data warehouse to utilize Data Migration Service (DMS) as an ETL tool to migrate the data from the source (MS SQL databases in SSMS) to Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

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35% Increase in Efficiency

Reduced RTO to 45 minutes

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