Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

A Leading Lifestyle Fashion Brand Improved its Issue Resolution, Enhanced NPS & Refund Processsing with Automation


The client is a leading young fashion and denim brand. As a denim pioneer, the client has consistently reinvented the definition of denim to keep up with the trends. The company’s mission centers all its efforts on achieving the total satisfaction of clients' demands, through exceptional attention to detail and service, essential for their loyalty.


Retail Apparel and Fashion





The client was grappling with extended resolution times for email support, leading to a significant dip in customer satisfaction. This delay in addressing customer queries adversely affected the customer’s experience with the brand.

Furthermore, this inefficiency not only tarnished the brand’s reputation but also led to potential sales loss, posing a substantial challenge for the client


Datamatics implemented an advanced ticketing and automation software, revolutionizing the handling of incoming emails. This system facilitated the categorization, prioritization, and assignment of emails, ensuring their swift routing to the appropriate departments. The automation feature significantly streamlined repetitive tasks, freeing up agents to focus on resolving complex issues.

Furthermore, to optimize workforce allocation, Datamatics conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing workforce resources and skill sets. This analysis allowed for a more efficient distribution of tasks, maximizing productivity and enhancing overall operational efficiency.



Reduced backend refund processing from 2 weeks to 3-4 business days

through effective vendor coordination and reporting.

Reduced email resolution time from 5-7 days to 48 hours

through technology, workforce optimization, and effective escalation monitoring.

Expedited reimbursement improved customer experience

increased brand trust, and raised repeat purchase rate by 30%.

Enhanced NPS from 42% to 58%

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