Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

A Leading Automobile Manufacturer Increases Lead Conversion by 25% by Leveraging Conversational AI-driven Insights


The client is a multinational automotive manufacturing corporation and among the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world.







The Outbound Lead Generation team of the manufacturer worked through a list of all existing/potential customers who have placed an inquiry on the website. It was evident that the contact centre agents, who are incidentally the first-line touchpoint, are focused on ‘capturing’ multiple data points rather than understanding customer context.

There was limited context on customer needs/ expectations, competition consideration based on field details. The client needed an intelligent ready reckoner for Sales Consultants to better understand and respond to the potential customers in subsequent stages.


Datamatics consulted the manufacturer to improve its lead generation process and proposed the following:

  • Call-level and Customer-level summarization of key Insights & Sentiments: Thematic classification of unstructured data that allows meaningful conversations addressing specific needs & propensity
  • Establish rules through Machine Learning for lead propensity and preference insights: Association rules-based ML engine that connects key patterns across sentiments, needs & prop
  • Near real-time customer analytics for more relevant conversations leading to improved CX: Detailed next action guide for Sales Consultants that ensures continuity and improves response to customer needs in subsequent stages of sales funnel
  • Aggregated Consumer Insight Dashboards for Strategic Decisions: Customized dashboards for sales, marketing, and product leaders as an ever-evolving source of customer insights for both tactical & strategic decisions. Alignment with SalesForce and Data Visualization at each Call-level.

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43x ROI

Achieved over the cost of building & maintaining the Conversational AI-model over a 3year horizon

25% Increase

In lead conversion

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