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Case Study

A European eBike Manufacturer Improves ROI by 22% after Identifying Key Purchase Triggers from Online & Offline Touchpoints


The client is a growing eBike manufacturer in Europe and has rapidly evolved into an innovation leader for the entire segment with their eBikes. With a wide range of offerings from bikes for daily use or work commutes, riding gear, accessories, and services that can provide support throughout the region. The client focuses on combining traditional design and technology to make peddling easier, faster, and lighter


Electronic Vehicles, Sports (Cycling)



A European eBike Manufacturer Improves ROI by 22% after identifying Key Purchase Triggers from Online & Offline Touchpoints


The eBike segment attracts a varied nature of customers, from traditional, enthusiasts, and early adopters to the more evolved ones. At the same time, each has varying purchasing paths and triggers.

Multiple factors and triggers come into play, e.g., Functional aspects like battery performance, reliability, cost of ownership, or emotional elements like perceived freedom, excitement, and status of being a part of a growing community of eBIke owners/enthusiasts.


Datamatics devised a project framework to harness the power of data that was available internally (consumer insights from the website, past research reports, market intelligence, Csat surveys, feedback, CRM, and social media handles) along with external data and a survey. All this data was processed by deep learning algorithms (text, image, video files) and supervised ML logistic and linear regression.

The primary research involved interviewing customers via in-store and online surveys focused on the purchase journey across all platforms/stores.



Effectively leveraged

Every channel for relative
impact on customer
decision and conversion


9% Increase in
conversion ratio


CSAT increased

From 3.7 to 4.3


22% Increase in ROI

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