Datamatics Recognized in a recent report on Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assessment 2018

Oct 31, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Mumbai, October 31, 2018: Datamatics Global Services Ltd. (DGSL), a global IT & BPM company, today announced that it has been featured in the IDC report on “Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assessment 2018 for Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)” by Pushkaraksh Shanbhag and Rijo George Thomas. The report covers the evolving automation ecosystem and recognizes Datamatics as a leading technology vendor in the RPA space.

The report features Datamatics flagship RPA product TruBot, and talks about the company’s ongoing journey from being purely a provider of IT and business services to being recognized as a vendor for automation solutions that also has a rich services portfolio. It also mentions the company’s focused approach to be increasingly led with proprietary IP that will deliver long-term benefits in terms of customer mindshare while acting as a pull-through for its established IT and business services capabilities.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Pushkaraksh Shanbhag, IDC Analyst said “Our extensive research on various RPA vendors, done as part of ‘The Future of Work and Robotic Process Automation Vendor Assessment 2018 for Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan)’ report suggests that Datamatics effectively leverages its heritage in document processing-related business process services to encode its deep domain expertise into ready-to-use, cognitive-enabled bot offerings such as the TruBot Neuro. Another interesting differentiator is that a single TruBot can be trained in multiple processes so the same bot can perform different activities at different times, allowing customers to optimize their bot license costs.”

Mr. Mitul Mehta, SVP & Head, Marketing & Communications, Datamatics Global Services Ltd. said, “We are happy to be featured in the IDC RPA Vendor Assessment Report. It is our constant endeavour to enhance the functionalities and platform capabilities along with building a strong partner ecosystem.”

Datamatics TruBot is a versatile, multi-skilled bot that automates a range of repetitive and rule-based processes without any manual intervention. TruBot has 75 customers globally and has automated more than 800 processes across multiple industries including Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

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