Datamatics' Paper on Mobile Technology for Research Emerges As Best Paper At ESOMAR APAC 2010

Apr 27, 2010 10:00:00 AM

Mumbai, April 27, 2010: A paper titled "Billion Dollar Baby: Leveraging Mobile Technology for Research Application in India," presented by Datamatics Global Services Limited, has emerged as the top paper at the recently held 2010 ESOMAR Asia Pacific"Eyes on Asia" Conference. The paper was delivered at the Conference by Sandeep Arora, Senior Vice President and Head, Research & Analytics, Datamatics Global Services Limited.

The paper has been nominated for ESOMAR Excellence Award - Best Paper 2010. The winner will be announced in Athens, at the ESOMAR Odyssey 2010 Symposium.

The paper was chosen by a panel of ESOMAR business executives and leading knowledge management leaders from companies such as Nielsen, TNS and Unilever. Over 140 research companies from 30 countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, USA, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia and Hong Kong were part of the Conference.

The paper Billion Dollar Baby: Leveraging Mobile Technology for Research Applications in India paper addresses these barriers and showcases mobile based applications that are increasingly gaining attractiveness for data collection, in or out of MR industry, within India. India is characterized as a country with several countries within it. The multiplicity of languages and ethnicity, geographical spread, low literacy levels and a large rural audience brings operational challenges to reaching India’s diverse audience. The exhilarating growth in mobile phone penetration offers marketers and researchers an opportunity to tap into this burgeoning and fast evolving Indian audience – in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Yet adoption of mobile based research has been fairly limited worldwide, more so in India.

Datamatics' Research & Analytics team has developed a customized application that can be installed in mobile phones of field interviewers of an MR agency to explore the feasibility of mobile-driven location tracking technology.

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