Datamatics introduces TruCap+ Marketplace, speeding up the time-to-automation for Intelligent Document Processing by up to 70%

Nov 30, 2023 2:44:49 PM

Datamatics introduces TruCap+ Marketplace, speeding up the time-to-automation for Intelligent Document Processing

by up to 70%

30th November 2023, Mumbai:  Datamatics, a leading global Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, today announced the launch of TruCap+ Marketplace for its TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing customers. The addition of Marketplace to TruCap+ ecosystem is designed to empower its customers with a seamless and accelerated setup process, reducing time-to-automation by up to 70%. 

TruCap+ Marketplace has more than 50+ ready-to-use document ontologies across Finance & Accounting, KYC (Know Your Customer) processing, payroll processing, loan management, banking, insurance, healthcare, and others. Enterprises can easily pick and choose relevant ontologies for their document categories. These ontologies seamlessly integrate with TruCap+ and can be utilized as-is or serve as a foundation, enabling customers to customize them to suit their specific requirement. 
Shashi Bhargava, EVP & Head - Intelligent Automation, Datamatics, expressed, “With multitude of structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats across industries, functions, processes and so on, TruCap+ Marketplace offers Datamatics customers’ ability to save time, cost and manpower ensuring a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time-to-value.” He added, “TruCap+ Marketplace further reinforces our commitment to simplifying and accelerating Intelligent Document Processing for our clients. By providing a diverse selection of pre-built ontologies, we are empowering enterprises to reduce set-up time significantly and achieve faster time-to-automation.” 
Datamatics has also recently made available Datamatics TruCap+ on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, ensuring a wider availability for its customers. This listing on Azure Marketplace is transactable so it will count towards any annual spend commitment the customer might have with Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
About Datamatics TruCap+ :
Datamatics TruCap+ is AI-enabled Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software that automates data extraction from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents. With its template-free approach, TruCap+ delivers a greater percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with a high accuracy. TruCap+ offers an easy-to-use configurator, browser-based access, an intuitive GUI, adding-up to deliver a compelling user experience (UX) for business users. TruCap+ also integrates the power of Generative AI, to benefit today's data-intensive businesses across industries such as BFSI, healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, and logistics. 
About Datamatics:
Datamatics enables enterprises to go deep in digital transformation to boost productivity, CX, and competitive advantage. Datamatics provides intelligent solutions spanning across digital technologies, operations, and experiences. Its offerings include intelligent document processing, robotic process automation, AI/ML models, smart workflows, business intelligence, and fare collection systems. Datamatics serves global clients across banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and media & publishing. The company has a presence across four continents with delivery centers in the USA, India, and the Philippines. 
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