Datamatics Global Services showcases Domain Expertise-driven Technology Solutions for Market Research Industry at the 14th CASRO Technology Conference

May 22, 2009 4:00:00 PM

New York, May 22, 2009: Datamatics Global Services, one of India's premier IT software development, consulting and business process outsourcing organizations, showcased a range of cutting-edge technology solutions customized for the MR industry at the 14th CASRO Technology Conference, New York. The solutions have been designed to meet the unique needs of individual MR projects by the Research & Analytics Division of Datamatics, which differentiates itself from its competition by integrating its expertise in Market Research domain with our skills in high-end technology.

Some of the key solution offerings are:

  • MobileServe™: Enables MR companies to conduct dynamic surveys on multiple platforms. MobileServe™ is capable of providing both SMS and WAP based data collection solutions
  • i-CAT™: MR teams can transcribe & code surveys simultaneously from any input format. In case of paper questionnaires, i-CAT™ crops open-ended responses in a questionnaire through Image Bursting and coding, thus allowing for seamless process integration with data capture. i-CAT™ has been powered with complex concatenation logics which makes it
  • i-Mark™: An intelligent information processing tool backed by artificial intelligence for electronic data capture. i-Mask™: Masks sensitive information on any questionnaire to ensure confidentiality, making it ideal for MR teams that are looking for easy & safe outsourcing options
  • i-Classify™: Batches questionnaires of different projects scanned together into separate projects thus saving on pre-batching time & costs

The solutions include innovative features that are unprecedented in the MR industry.

Rahul Kanodia, Vice Chairman and CEO, Datamatics Global Services, said, "Our focus is on designing and delivering to our customers value-added, highly-effective solutions. For the MR industry, we have leveraged decades of experience deploying high-end technology solutions for customers across industries with a highly-focused domain expertise in market research."

According to Sandeep Arora, Vice President, Datamatics Global Services and head of the R&A Division, market research companies have typically relied on off-the-shelf products and tried to adapt them to their project needs. In some cases, especially large and long-term projects, this approach proves costly and often unsuccessful. "We took a larger, longer term view. With our understanding of the market research domain and our technology skills, we were able to turn this concept on its head. We study the customer and his processes thoroughly and are able to conceptualize and deliver solutions that fit perfectly for every unique project," said Arora.

The MR industry requires a very high level of quality. Datamatics' solutions are well-suited for this industry as all the data processed pass through a three-tier quality process and accuracy rates far exceed industry benchmarks (up to 99.997%). It has also been seeking solutions that are productive and cost-effective, have fast turn-around time and are technology- or platform-agnostic.

Arora added, "We have been successfully delivering solutions that meet the high expectations of the MR industry. Our customers have reported high levels of satisfaction. This has been possible largely due to the Research & Analytics division having hand-picked, highly-competent, multi-cultural professionals with skills across Market Research, Process Re-Engineering and Operations."

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