Datamatics awarded Healthcare Intelligent Automation solutions agreement with Premier Inc.

Nov 16, 2022 3:45:11 PM

Datamatics will be able to help Premier’s alliance of over 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 250,000 healthcare providers with Intelligent Automation solutions

Livonia, 16th November 2022: Datamatics, a global Intelligent Automation products, Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, today announced that, it has been awarded a national group purchasing agreement for supplying ‘Intelligent Automation Solutions for Healthcare Processes’ with Premier, Inc., a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 250,000 other providers to transform healthcare.

The agreement will allow Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Datamatics Intelligent Automation platform. This will impact healthcare stakeholders across the payer and provider space including; patients, clinicians, admin staff, members, underwriters and claim adjudicators.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation platform combines the capabilities of TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP products along with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) models.

Speaking on the occasion, Mitul Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer, Datamatics said, “Intelligent Automation is a key strategic priority for healthcare industry today. By teaming up with Premier’s alliance of healthcare providers, we are able to help their vast network of hospitals and other providers to receive the benefits of true automation.” He further added, “This will help the healthcare community to accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform includes:

  • TruBot – Datamatics TruBot RPA software is a digital workforce product enabling unattended and attended automation for many tasks and processes. With the integration of cognitive capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, the digital workforce gains reasoning capabilities to handle complex transactions and deliver intelligent automation. To know more about TruBot – RPA solution, click here.
  • TruCap+ – Datamatics TruCap+ is an AI-enabled, template-free intelligent document processing (IDP) solution that delivers a more significant percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with higher accuracy. TruCap+ IDP offers an easy-to-use Configurator, browser-based access, and an intuitive GUI, adding up to deliver a compelling user experience (UX) to knowledge workers. To learn more about our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product, click here.
  • TruAI – Datamatics TruAI is a comprehensive artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences platform which helps enterprises leverage use cases related to pattern detection, text and data mining, and computer vision. To learn more about our AI platform TruAI, click here.

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Premier is a leading healthcare improvement company, uniting an alliance of approximately 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 250,000 other providers to transform healthcare. With integrated data and analytics, collaborative, supply chain solutions, consulting and other services, Premier enables better care and outcomes at a lower cost.

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