Intelligent Automation for Banking


A guide of 300+ use cases & examples of automation in banking.

RPA Use Cases in the Banking Industry

Banking is a highly complex domain with hundreds and thousands of processes running simultaneously to service millions of institutional and retail customers. The banks require paper-based processes for compliance and audits; however, paper, system siloes, and fluctuating workloads put a heavy drag on the overall process turnaround time. It eventually affects the end-customers and their customer experience. They have different options available in the market for their banking requirements and may result in customer churn for faster and diligent banking services.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform empowers the process owners to automate their tedious processes including multiple touchpoints and the hops, skips, and jumps across multiple systems. With Artificial Intelligence at the core, Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform helps banks to boost their productivity, end-customer experience and competitive advantage.


Customer KYC Automation

Check how the Customer KYC Automation process is automated with the Datamatics Intelligent Automation platform.

RPA Use Cases for Banking Process
What you get:

A list of 100+ RPA banking use cases & examples that can be automated with Robotic Process Automation

RPA use cases & examples across Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Direct Banking and Trade Finance

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