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Reduce handling times, increase data accuracy, and improve customer service by leveraging Intelligent Automation in banking processes.

Improve the service levels for your large customers with intelligent document processing (IDP) and robotic process automation (RPA).

Automation Use Cases for Wholesale Banking

Credit Limit Extension

Extend the limit of the cash credit and overdraft facility provided to the corporates by using Intelligent Automation. Improve the turnaround time in the credit limit extension process, hence the bank's credibility, and customer engagement.

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Custody Obligations

Engage Intelligent Automation to settle the custody obligations amount shared by the exchange house from customers' accounts/settlement accounts based on preference and order.

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Daily Reports

Use Intelligent Automation to generate balance sheet, deposit, and monetary advance reports for wholesale customers and auto-send them to the credit approval team.

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Service Tax Receipt

Book the charges, such as service tax, processing fee, mortgage processing charges, and other charges, on bank products by using Intelligent Automation.

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Limit Loading

Create and load the credit limits for the new corporate customer or existing customer for new requests from the Excel sheet by using Intelligent Automation.

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Priority Sector Lending

Use Intelligent Automation to shortlist the priority sector lending cases based on pre-defined criteria. Update the disbursements in the bank's core banking system.

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Wealth Statement

Generate and provide the asset/portfolio valuation statements on a daily basis to the premium wealth customers by using Intelligent Automation.

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Standing Instructions

Read the standing instructions for corporate clients for NEFT/RTGS amounts. Auto-feed in the web-based application to release payment.

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NAV Upload

Process the input files (scheme code) from mutual fund application, perform data massaging, extract NAV from the core system, update the application form, and auto-trigger email on process completion.

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Weekly Report Generation

Use multiple input files to create one output file and one summary file which contains data based on the business rules. Share different reports with the stakeholders.

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Wealth Management Updates

Use Intelligent Automation to download the service request dumps from the analytics portal for wealth status updates of all customers as of a specified date of each month or any other pre-defined frequency. Download all service request attachments. Create a formal intimation communication, and trigger emails to customers.

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Bankers' Guide To Robotic Process Automation

What you get:

  • A list of 100+ RPA banking use cases & examples that can be automated with Robotic Process Automation
  • RPA use cases & examples across Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Direct Banking and Trade Finance

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