IDP Use Cases in Finance & Accounting Systems


Automate your Finance & Accounting processes with Intelligent Document Processing

IDP Use Cases for Finance Accounting
Accounts Payable (AP) Automation - IDP Use Case

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Auto-extract, auto-classify, and auto-validate data from an invoice or utility bill with intelligent document processing. Use human in the loop verification only for checking the exception occurrences or below threshold level confidence level, which are clearly auto-marked for verification. Auto-assimilate the extracted data in the ERP system by using RPA. Expedite manual invoice processing by more than 10x.

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IDP Use Case - Auto-Process Invoices

Auto-Process Invoices

Auto-ingest data from invoices and utility bills and integrate with the ERP systems, Procurement Portal, Vendor Portal, and Invoice Processing Portal by using intelligent document processing. Integrate RPA bots and workflow elements towards end-to-end P2P automation, and generate audit trails. Offer single window, comprehensive  solutions to vendors, for liaising with you. Trigger notifications to the concerned authorities after 2/3 way matching with Invoice, PO and SRN data by using RPA. Release payment if auto-validations are fulfilled.

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Financial Reports - IDP Use Case

Financial Reports

Automatically capture data from paper documents, contracts, and PDFs by using intelligent document processing and integrate it with ERP system. Auto-collect data from ERP and other F&A enterprise systems and generate reports by using RPA. Improve efficiency and productivity by limiting manual intervention only for eyeball verification.

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IDP Use Case - Credit Assessment of Companies

Credit Assessment of Companies

Auto-ingest financial figures from companies' balance sheets by using intelligent document processing. Generate credit assessments by using RPA and compare the credit status of different companies.

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Data Capture from Invoices - IDP Use Case

Data Capture from Invoices

Auto-extract data from invoices and other similar paper documents, such as proforma invoices and utility bills, by using intelligent document processing. Integrate the data with the core enterprise systems.

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IDP Use Case - Invoice Generation from Unstructured Data

Invoice Generation from Unstructured Data

Automatically read the email advice for invoice creation and auto-save the attachments received, such as purchase order, service order, or service received document, by using Intelligent Document Processing, RPA, and workflow, to build an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system and integrate with Vendor Portal and Billing Portal. Alternatively, read the purchase order number or service received number from the email and fetch the digitized document from the core system. Auto-ingest the details from this purchase order or service received document and route the details for invoice creation by using RPA.

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Invoice Generation from Excel File using IDP tool

Invoice Generation from Excel File

Auto-ingest data from the Excel file or its image received from any source and route the data to the enterprise core system, such as SAP, by using intelligent document processing. Execute this step for all the records in the Excel file. Use the ingested data to generate invoices from the SAP system.

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End-to-End Invoice Processing - IDP Use Case

End-to-End Invoice Processing

Use intelligent data capture and document processing to ingest data from the paper form sources and RPA to automate the data transfer and data collation between multiple systems to achieve end-to-end automation in invoice processing. Use workflow to improve operational efficiency. Use AI/ML algorithms in the workflow to  incorporate value added features, such as auto-GL coding and auto-approval routing. Reduce manual efforts to the order of 80 to 90% and improve cycle time by manifolds. Integrate visual reporting tools to get real-time visual reports, such as Spend Analytics and Vendor Rating. Leverage Mobility solutions to affect on-the-go resolutions and approvals.

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Invoice Reporting - IDP Use Case

Invoice Reporting

Quickly ingest data from pending paper-form invoices with intelligent document processing and integrate the data with core systems to achieve a single source of truth. Collate these data points from the core systems by using RPA and create consolidated invoice reports to estimate outgoings on a periodic basis. Leverage real-time visual reporting tools, such as TruBI, to visualize the data for Spend Analytics and Vendor Rating, and arrive at important decisions in the CFO office.

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Order Book Creation - IDP Use Case

Order Book Creation

Auto-ingest data from the purchase orders received from customers, through different modes, in to the core systems by using intelligent document processing. Use this data to auto-create sales order and order books on a periodic basis by using RPA and workflow.

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Miscellaneous Accounting - IDP Use Case

Miscellaneous Accounting

Capture data from invoices of one time customers by using intelligent document processing and tag them as "miscellaneous accounts category". Read this data from different sources, such as, excel sheets, PDFs, invoices, etc. By using RPA, auto-transfer cash payment to the respective customer accounts.

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Reconciliation - IDP Use Case


Download data from documents received in unstructured formats from different sources and auto-downloaded from bank websites with tools such as RPA. Auto-read and ingest the data with intelligent data capture or intelligent document processing. Match Bank and Ledger statements  with AI/ML algorithm layers. Reconcile the data by using RPA and generate reconciliation statements.

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Compliance Reporting - Intelligent Document Processing Use Case

Compliance Reporting

Auto-extract data from bank statements and financial statements by using intelligent document processing. Automatically compare this data with different company records including excel files and ERP systems by using RPA. Validate this data by using pre-defined business rules and algorithms. Use this data for auto-generating reports for internal and external compliance procedures.

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Regulatory Authority Reporting - IDP Use Case

Regulatory Authority Reporting

Automatically extract data from different paper documents, PDFs, excel sheets, etc., and stage it on a staging server. Auto-generate regulatory compliance reports from this data for federal reporting.

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Journal Voucher Automation - IDP Use Case

Journal Voucher Automation

Receive journal vouchers and capture the information with intelligent document processing. Integrate this data in the current accounting entries for affecting corrections. Use the journal voucher automation to correct the errors in expenses, cheque payments, and receipts.

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