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Automate your customer-related processes and let your guests have hassle-free and world-class experiences.

Automation Use Cases for Travel & Hospitality

Managing Hotel Operations

Manage hotel reservations, monitor occupancy, and administer necessary changes.

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Chatbots For Updating Travelers

Deploy attended RPA bots and chatbot solutions in the airline sector / for travel portals to keep the travelers updated about flight schedules and booking status as well as enable them to ask queries.

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Hotel Price Comparison

Compare the prices of different hotels and B&B accommodations across different tiers and different cities. Offer optimal value for money across your hospitality facilities.

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Crew Scheduling

Automatically assign flying crew for the restricted flights which are plying, especially for domestic travel.

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Customer Relationship Management

Engage with customers over a digital CRM platform powered by Intelligent Automation. Offer quick resolutions of complaints and disputes and automate bill generation process. Update customer profiles with the latest information. Flag off fraudulent accounts and the closure, ensure compliance reporting, and process orders using Intelligent Automation.

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Billing and Settlements

Improve billing and settlements by engaging RPA bots over a digital billing platform. Automate mailing to send the bills, invoices, and receipts to the customers.

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E-voucher Refund

Automate refund by deploy e-voucher refund option to expedite the cancellation process.

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Cancellation And Issue Resolution

Expedite ticket cancellations and faster resolution of related issues.

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Self-Management of Flight Disruptions

Self-manage rebooking, refund, cancellation, personalized alternatives, etc. in case of flight cancellations, rescheduling, etc.

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Voucher Requests And Booking Extensions

Email e-vouchers and perform booking extensions using bots to support call center employees.

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Complaint Management

Improve turnaround time and customer service through quick availability of real-time information to answer customer queries. Use RPA enabled chatbot solutions to answer customer queries24x7 for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Suspected COVID-19 Travellers

Use Intelligent Automation to quickly scan the travel history profile of travelers while at the airport. Whenever bots flag any traveler who has visited infected places along with data augmentation about the travelers' visceral temperature, it allows the staff to cordon off any potentially infected traveler.

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