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Provide faster responses to customers by automating the core processes so that your service never stops

Automation Use Cases for Telecom

Reconciliation Process

Auto-create tickets in the Telecom Service Provider's Incident Management System based on emails received from authorized customer contact. Track the status of the tickets through closure and monitor the closure as per SLA.

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Incident - Switch Port Down / Flapping

Automatically extract data from incident tickets using intelligent document processing. Based on the incident tickets raised by the customer, check switch logs, port status, cyclic redundancy checks (CRC), error messages, ping customer's IP, copy logs in the ticket, and assign to the Telecom Service Provider query resolution staff.

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Pending Tickets Follow-up With Customer

Check tickets in the pending customer and resolved status and send reminders to customers for eliciting an update on the Telecom Service.

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Quality Check For Customer Tickets

Auto-check tickets quality with respect to categorization, status, escalation, handle time, response time, resolution time, reply templates, etc., and remotely monitor ticket resolution process.

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Staff Daily Activity Report

Auto-create report on staff activities such as telecom service ticket handling and resolution, events, email response, calls to customers, etc., which are handled during the shift and send it in an email template to the supervisory group.

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System Health Check

Auto-check the up-time and availability of various telecom service systems including Incident Management System, Monitoring System, Email client, Call Center server, Customer portal, etc.

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Audit Reporting

Reduce effort by almost 70% and improve the quality of the audit processes of telecom systems with the help of detailed log files generated by the underpinned RPA bots in the telecom system maintenance automation.

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Accounts Payable

Automate Accounts Payable process. Read and ingest the incoming AP related emails, validate them, and transfer the data into pre-defined fields in the Finance & Accounting systems. Streamline and expedite the AP process through automation. Ensure early payment discounts, improve supplier engagement and satisfaction through timely release of payments, stop supplier attrition and the cascading consequences on the staff convenience and the resulting repercussions on customer service.

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Order Capture Process

Auto-capture data of hundreds of records from Excel spreadsheets by using intelligent document processing and import in the CRM systems to raise customer orders. Auto-generate customer orders and route them for further processing using RPA. Ensure 24x7 operations, improve turnaround time, and eliminate errors due to manual processing. Reap benefits related to time-saving and improved quality by automating the order capture process.

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Client Satisfaction Surveys

Retrieve different reports from different applications, align the data in several different sheets to create a survey form, put the file on the FTP server for clients to access and send a URL carrying the survey form to the customers via SMS.

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Performing Diagnostic Checks

Automate expensive and time-consuming troubleshooting exercises. Execute proactive customer premise equipment (CPE) checks on the routers daily to perform configuration and reconnection actions. Proactively identify and perform automatic port resets to ensure service.

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Monitor Network Usage Through Aggregation Of Data

Monitor the bandwidth usage through the remote monitoring of various telecom servers and business systems such that it does not exceed a pre-defined threshold.

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Processing Daily Customer Correspondence

Engage Intelligent Automation to auto-manage millions of correspondence emails related to customer service. Use intelligent document processing and RPA to capture correspondence by way of snail mail and email. Mimic the work of human employees in an automated environment and interact seamlessly with the CRM system and sensitive data on the legacy back-end platforms to keep the customer correspondence database up to date and secure. Auto-assign an executive as per the availability of the personnel.

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Network Management

Automate incident, event, and diagnostics management with Intelligent Automation. Overcome challenges pertaining to navigating complex applications, re-keying data manually, retrieving huge volumes of customer-related information, and improve the efficiency of network infrastructure

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First Call Resolution

Rapidly access data and address high volumes of customer demands on the first call itself and eliminate the requirement to do repeated follow-ups.

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Information Back-up From Clients’ IP Telephony Systems

Acquire data from the databases of all IPT devices on client systems and upload them into FTP servers. Schedule refreshes according to clients' needs and create a coherent back-up system

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Bulk Contract Migration

Automate migration of business customers to new service contracts when their renewals become due. Handle increased volumes of transactions per month and save man-hours.

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Supplier Payments Processing

Reconcile supplier payments in Excel with the PDFs attached in mails. Auto-ingest the details by using intelligent document capture. Enter approved payments into ERP daily. Auto-validate the details as per business logic. Verify, approve the payments, and then enter information into the ERP system for further processing.

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Network Downtime Resolution

Predict and detect network issues when connected to different systems, avoid network downtime, and improve customer experience. Support teams and stay updated with the latest real-time issues so as to provide actual cause to customers and reduce resolution times.

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SIM Swapping

Assign a new SIM to a user due to either change of SIM format or because of lost or stolen SIM, as per business rules. Enable customers to have a hassle-free experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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Customer Numbers Porting

Port mobile number of customers switching to other operators. Reduce Turn-Around-Time and increase efficiency. Enable customers to have a hassle-free experience and increase customer satisfaction scores

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Email to Ticket Automation

Auto-ingest incident-related details from emails of customer contacts by using intelligent document processing. Automatically generate tickets in the service provider's business system. Follow the ticket status to closure as per the service levels with robotic process automation.

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