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Automate critical government and public services-related activities, ensure faster processing, and increase overall productivity.

Automation Use Cases for Government & Public Services

Surveys & Census (Data Capture & Analysis)

Drive public survey and census programs across wider geographies, states as well as across remote villages and metropolitan areas with intelligent document processing and robotics automation efficiently along with collection of high-quality of data. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public surveys through rapid analysis of the captured data with RPA and Advanced Analytics.

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Online Feedback Data Gathering

Monitor different news sources including local newspapers, blogs, and social media for comments related to the organization and its work. Perform analysis on the augmented content to get improved efficiency, faster insight, and greater statistical accuracy toward building better and faster responses to public sentiment, and enhanced customer satisfaction, trust and confidence through good governance.

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Statutory Process Automation

Improve the efficiency of the statutory processes such as the boiler replacement grants process that includes repetitive work activities such as accepting application, validating with internal systems, checking duplicity of the application.

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Registry Office Automation

Automate the categorization and distribution of incoming digital mail to individual departments within the institution.

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Content Migration

Migrate mammoth legacy systems to modern technology platforms. Takes only a few hours as compared to days and months of downtime. Ensure maximum availability of the system such that the migration does not hamper the work of the business users and customer service personnel.

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Property Registration - Application Processing

Automate the property registration application and update the registry of properties to reduce the heavy backlog and pressure on employees. 

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Property Registration - Processing of Reminder Letters

Automate the reminder letter processing related to property registration applications that are incomplete and/or incorrect and are returned to the lawyer or conveyancer for amending and resubmitting the application within the stipulated time. Auto-initiate the reminders one week earlier to the stipulated time expiry and cancel the application in case of no response after one week.

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Property Registration - Application Verification

Regularly check the property registration applications queued in the database if there are other applications of registration on the same property. Compare with existing property information databases to weed out registration on the same property without any property sales deeds.

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Financial Assistance Application

Automate the process to list the unemployed, trained, and eligible residents so that they can be integrated into workplaces. Similarly, check websites to enlist the available permanent work positions and then auto-match the two lists. Reduce the burden on social workers to carry out the tasks as well as the tax-payers who support the unemployed residents. This financial assistance application process is Sweden specific.

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Order Management For Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Track and log the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for emergency personnel within police, fire, and disaster services department, and automatically place orders to ensure the availability of PPE.

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Tracking Infection Cases Within Military/Prison/Other Departments

Update the database of infection cases across public services departments, such as military branches, prison, etc., and allow healthcare workers to monitor and attend to the patients.

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Financial Aid Application Process

Automate the application process and administration of providing emergency financial aid to self-employed workers, farmers, and SMEs, to quickly approve the payment.

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Reporting and Compliance for Government Programs

Automate the administrative tasks involved in reporting and compliance for new and existing government programs along with built-in case management capabilities.

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Updating Grant Management Systems

Update critical information regarding recipients, reporting, and reconciliations to ensure timely disbursal of grants.

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Issuing Permits To Essential Services Employees

Verify applications for travel permits and issue them for companies and employees engaged in essential services allowed in the restricted zones with intelligent document processing and robotic process automation.

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Relief Program

Automate the process for verification, validation, approval/rejection of the applications received on the web application for financial support of companies in financial distress due to the global crisis. This is a Belgium-specific process.

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ePass Generation

Automate the ePass generation related to the movement of essential services and delivery executives of various service providers. Automate the process right from retrieval of a bulk list of essential personnel from the service providers to approval generation and pass creation. Use RPA to expedite the approval process and ePass printing. This is India specific process.

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Remote Data Integration Process

Automate the response management to requests for aid and information, vital to a local government, during massive crisis situations to tide over the lack of integration across the vital city infrastructure databases, and avoid confusion and delays that could impact citizens.

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Financial Relief Program

Automate the Financial Relief programs, such as Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), launched to help small businesses in the US. Auto-scan the applications for eligibility to reduce the pressure on lender banks facing operational challenges in processing these applications and resulting in a huge backlog.

For example: As part of the CARES Act, the PPP provides $349 billion of loan funds to all businesses with less than 500 employees during the COVID crisis. This is a US-specific administrative process.

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Volunteer Registration

Auto-screen applications for volunteers signing up to support government efforts in crisis situations (e.g., credentials, criminal records, etc). Expedite this crucial part of the enrollment process through automation and onboard the applicants quickly.

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Infection Data Collection

Track the infective diseases within the ambits of state administration premises, co-relate with geographic input related to the number of infections in each county, and build a map of the threat of the infection within Government and public properties. Update the information at multiple pre-defined time-frames at periodic intervals.

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PPP and Other Financial Reliefs

Expedite the financial relief programs such as Paycheck Protection in the US. Auto-extract details from applications and verify them for eligibility on a fast track by using intelligent document processing. Alleviate bottlenecks faced by the relief issuing banks and authorities. Disseminate the relief packages at a faster pace.

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Volunteers Screening

Screen the volunteer applications for government crisis management programs, such as natural disasters. Expedite enrollment by using technologies such as intelligent document processing and RPA.

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