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Intelligent Document Processing - IDP use case for Government & Public Services
Survey Data Capture & Analysis using IDP Tool Use Case

Survey Data Capture & Analysis

Collect high quality data from government surveys by using intelligent document processing. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public surveys and census programs through rapid analysis of the captured data with RPA and Advanced Analytics.

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IDP Use Case - Data Gathering - Online Feedback

Data Gathering - Online Feedback

Auto-extract key data from online feedback mechanisms, news sources, social media, etc., particular to programs, NGOs, public service departments, etc. Analyze the data using RPA and Advanced Analytics and generate faster insights for understanding public sentiment and taking faster governance decisions.

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Application Verification - Property Registration

Application Verification - Property Registration

Periodically auto-extract applicant details from property registration applications. Compare with existing property information databases to weed out registration on same property without any property sales deeds.

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Permit Issuance using IDP tool - Use Case

Permit Issuance

Auto-ingest data from travel permit requests and applications in curfew or pandemic restricted zones. Verify the authenticity of the requests received from companies on behalf of their employees for manning essential services deliveries.

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ePass Generation process using IDP Intelligent Document Processing - Use Case

ePass Generation

Expedite the process of ePass generation for movement of essential service personnel by auto-ingesting details from applications by using intelligent document processing. Use RPA to expedite the approval process and ePass printing.

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PPP and Other Financial Reliefs - IDP Use Case

PPP and Other Financial Reliefs

Expedite the financial relief programs such as Paycheck Protection in the US for COVID-19 relief. Auto-extract details from applications and verify them for eligibility on a fast track by using intelligent document processing. Alleviate bottle necks faced by the relief issuing banks and authorities. Disseminate the relief packages at a faster pace.

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IDP Tool Use Case - Volunteers Screening - COVID-19

Volunteers Screening - COVID-19

Screen the volunteer applications for government crises management programs, such as COVID-19, natural disasters, pandemics. Expedite the enrollment by using technologies such as intelligent document processing and RPA.

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