IDP Use Cases in CPG & Retail


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IDP Use Cases for CPG & Retail
Proof of Delivery Management - IDP Use Case

Proof of Delivery Management

Manage the massive onslaught of proofs of delivery (PoDs). Digitize the PoDs, auto-capture details, tag them with the digital folders of the respective customer.

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IDP Use Case - Customs Declaration Form Management

Customs Declaration Form Management

Manage two-way custom declaration forms during export and import by using intelligent document processing and robotic process automation. Use intelligent document processing to extract data from incoming import custom declarations. Use RPA to generate custom declarations during exports.

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Bill of Lading Management for CPG - IDP Use Case

Bill of Lading Management for CPG

Automate the entire process of auto-reading and digitizing bills of lading accompanying imported products and packages in the CPG and retail stores.

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Driver Log Management - IDP Use Case

Driver Log Management

Digitize and auto-read the driver logs generated during transportation of CPG batches and store them for analysis and compliance management.

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Maintenance Log Management using IDP tool - Use Case

Maintenance Log Management

Auto-capture data from maintenance logs of machines used in CPG and Retail. Use this data to perform predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance analysis by using artificial intelligence / machine learning and advanced analytics.

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Category and Catalog Management - IDP Use Case

Category and Catalog Management

Auto-extract data from product catalog and create digitized version for online category and catalog management for an online presence and e-retailing of CPG products.

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IDP tool for Vendor Management - Use Case

Vendor Management

Automatically ingest data from vendor onboarding procedure forms and integrate it with the Vendor Master Data maintained on Vendor Management Portal by using intelligent document processing.

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Order, Billing, and Invoice Processing using Intelligent Document Processing IDP

Order, Billing, and Invoice Processing

Auto-ingest data from purchase orders, send it further for dispatch processing, and auto-create invoices. Similarly, auto-read and ingest data from invoices received from different vendors and route it for processing to the concerned department.

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Email and Communication Management - IDP Use Case

Email and Communication Management

CPG and Retail sector businesses receive high volumes of unstructured data through email, chat, and other forms of communication. Auto-extract data from these communication channels and integrate it with the enterprise CRM system for better management of customers.

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