Intelligent Automation for Project Management


Automate project management and increase overall efficiency

Use Cases of RPA in Project Management
Use Cases of RPA in Project Management

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform enables distributed project teams to meet targets faster while working in a collaborative environment. It helps to track the deliverables across initiation, planning, execution, to target. It promulgates data-driven project management while working in continuous, quick sprints that are trackable and auditable. It ensures process improvement and error-free delivery.

Initiation and Planning in Project Management - RPA Use Case

Initiation And Planning

Visually capture processes and attach supporting documentation in order to keep project managers updated with the most accurate recent information available in one place. Reduce manual intervention in repetitive rule-based processes and increase efficiency

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RPA Use Case - Stakeholder Communication in Project Management

Stakeholder Communication

Display visuals of existing processes in a compact way and help all stakeholders to get an overview of how they might be impacted by changes if any. Capture new processes related to the project, keep all concerned stakeholders in the loop, send notifications on their dashboard and alert them of any action they may need to take

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Process Risk Management Using RPA Automation

Process Risk Management

Manage and monitor risks in the process management platform and create an atmosphere in which potential threats can be tracked.

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RPA for Team Onboarding Process in Project Management

Team Onboarding

Help new team members refer to the relevant processes for concrete and step-by-step information that they can access in as much detail as they may need. Enhance employee experience, reduce errors and increase efficiency

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Data Driven Progress Management - RPA Use Case

Data-driven Progress Management

Assist project managers in sharing their data-driven projections about the project progress within the relevant process maps. Expedite processes, enhance employee experience and increase efficiency

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Use Case of RPA Automation for Real Time Report Generation

Real-time Report Generation

Generate real-time reports which can be stored in a centralized database and help teams in viewing the most recent version of the relevant reports.

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Process updates and documentation using RPA in Project Management Use Case

Process Updates And Documentation

Update processes and store corresponding documents centrally within a process management platform. Help everyone in the organization to stay up-to-date during the transition phase.

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Process Improvement Initiations using RPA - Use Case

Process Improvement Initiations

Assist project managers for staying up-to-date with the change suggestions from teams as and when they review existing processes and recommend improvements.

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Follow-up about Project Closing Status using RPA Automation

Follow-up About Project Closing Status

Follow-up with stakeholders about the closing status of a project and examine the success of the project in relation to the scope that was agreed upon initially. Perform analysis of team performance

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Project Closure using RPA Automation - Use Case

Project Closure

Evaluate the effectiveness of utilization of resources, relocate unused budget or resources and provide data and insights about the project to the concerned stakeholders.

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Operational Analytics Automation

Check how Datamatics successfully developed and deployed Operational Analytics for a leading Glass Bottle Manufacturer.

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