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Organizations across all vertical industries continue to use documents as a major source of data input. These documents have unstructured data and require knowledge workers for manual data entry, exception management and quality checks, making document processing a cumbersome, time-consuming and costly proposition. It is here that intelligent document processing or IDP steps in. Users can get up and running faster with our Template-Free approach.

Our AI-enabled IDP solution can be deployed in the cloud so no need to worry about setting up underlying infrastructure; easy-to-use Configurator, browser-based access, an intuitive GUI all add up to deliver a compelling user experience (UX) to business users. Continuous learning & improvement based on AI/ML algorithms and user inputs, and other cognitive capabilities deliver a greater percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with a higher accuracy.

Quite clearly, Datamatics TruCap+ IDP is an ideal solution for your document processing and automation requirements.



TruCap+ Overview


Intelligent Document Processing - Data Extraction From Unstructured Documents

Get up and running faster with our Unique, Template-Free approach

Our template-free approach reduces set up time by 30% -70% and delivers faster time-to-automation. No need to create and maintain multitudes of document templates that escalate total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase time-to-value.

AI Enabled Document Capture

AI/ML-enabled for a greater degree of STP with accuracy

Pre-built AI/ML capabilities and business rules enable automated verification and validation of data. Continuous learning & improvements based on AI/ML algorithms and user inputs. Cognitive capabilities deliver a greater percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with a higher accuracy.

Deployment Flexibility - IDP Tool

SaaS, microservices architecture, scalability, deployment flexibility

Microservices-based architecture offers greater flexibility and scalability. Horizontally scalable solution purpose built for cloud deployment. Use as SaaS or deploy on-premises depending on your organization’s requirements.

Tailor made for Business User Persona

Tailor made for Business User persona

An easy-to-use Configurator and a compelling UX enables business users to quickly achieve document automation. Browser-based access and an intuitive GUI ensures faster document processing.

Seamless integration with TruBot

Seamless integration with TruBot RPA for end-to-end automation

Achieve end-to-end automation by ingesting unstructured data from documents and its conversion to structured data using RPA and IDP in combination, TruCap+ integrates with TruBot and other leading RPA products.

Flexible Tiered Pricing based on Page Volume

Tiered pricing based on page volume

Out tiered pricing models provide a range of options to chose from depending on your business requirements, be it thousands or millions of documents.

TruCap+ IDP Enterprise free trial

TruCap+ Free Trial

Our newly launched AI-enabled TruCap+ is template free, cloud-based, and will enable enterprises to processes huge data volumes with speed and accuracy. Book a demo and get a TruCap+ Enterprise free trial.


Frequently Asked Questions

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