Datamatics’ TruAI is a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform that businesses use for Pattern Detection, Text and Data Mining. It helps enterprises extract intelligence from high volumes of structured, unstructured and multi-structured data from diverse sources. It uses highly specialized evolutionary algorithms that adapt to new data types, current and anticipated patterns as well as causations and consequences.

Assisted by high performance engines, the product aggregates data, and correlates seemingly unrelated data points to provide a bigger picture. It simultaneously indexes extracted knowledge to make it searchable as compared to keyword-based and fuzzy searches.

The Pattern Detection engine uses Self-evolving Algorithms (Genomics, Sequence Building Algorithms), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Advanced Machine Learning techniques to uncover deep hidden patterns, associations and relationships, and causations and consequences.

The Text Mining engine is a comprehensive Data Aggregation & Query platform capable of integrating and processing unstructured text from a wide variety of sources and formats to extract entities, construct context, translate, intelligently summarize and establish relationships.


  • Supports 100+ languages including international and local Indian languages
  • Provides a highly advanced cognitive platform, which is capable of learning in both supervised and unsupervised environments to discover audience sentiment, trends, and opportunities
  • Provides an intuitive user interface and advanced web-based visualization tools on a scalable, performant, reliable, and secure platform
  • Provides high performance computing that analyzes on auto-pilot or in operator-assisted mode
  • Uses multiple data sources, data lakes and databases to perform contextual analysis and sequence building
  • Provides capability to build predictive and prescriptive models
  • Supports high intensity information mining, data aggregation, clustering, summarization, and indexing in real-time


Live Use Cases

  • Intelligence mining
  • Email Analytics
  • Document Classification
  • Categorization and routing