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TruBot CoPilot

Automation Demo

This video demonstrates how TruBot CoPilot (Datamatics TruPilot) builds a bot using Generative AI and instructions provided by the user in natural language to automate a process. The bot is intended to create tickets in Salesforce. Generative AI-powered TruPilot  creates an intelligent and logical workflow and then builds components. The user then feeds in the path for the Excel file, which contains ticket details, and the Salesforce destination for creating a bot ready for deployment.

TruBot CoPilot has an intelligent virtual assistant, TruHelp, which again accepts instructions in plain natural language, such as English, and gives crisp and context-aware answers in seconds. The user can query any details related to the TruBot platform. TruHelp thus assists in reducing the learning curve while using the TruBot platform.

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