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Datamatics TruAI Pattern

Datamatics TruAI Pattern uses AI/ML algorithms to identify patterns from humungous amount of data or Big Data. It observes the environment and learns to distinguish different patterns. The patterns are useful for predictive analytics and decision-making. As data grows rapidly, visual decision-making becomes impossible. Datamatics TruAI Pattern enables automation of pattern recognition at scale. It is useful in almost all fields, including BFSI and Medical. It deals with both explorative pattern recognition (unsupervised learning) and descriptive pattern recognition (supervised learning). It addresses a broad range of data substrates encompassing entities, text, data, images, audio files.


Use Big Data to train AI/ML algorithms

Train the models on an ongoing basis and improve their accuracy of pattern detection.

Identify dependencies at scale

Trace dependencies between two or more entities at speed and scale.

Predict occurrences at speed

Forecast events and occurrences based on historical data and behavioral analysis.


Anomaly Detection

Identify statistically different data or entities from the data universe or substrate.


Identify the dependency of an entity or data on another and map the two or more associations together.


Describe the extent to which two entities or variables are linearly related.


Forecast the likelihood of an occurrence vis-à-vis a new data set after training on a historical dataset.

Event detections and predictions

Analyze events and discover the event sets matching the patterns of events.

Alarms and alerts

Use AI/ML algorithms to highlight anomalies and set off alarms and alerts to stakeholders to act on them quickly.

Recommendation engines

Engage AI/ML algorithms to segment customers according to their behavioral patterns and suggest personalized content and products which are dynamic in nature.

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