RPA Hands-on Training with TruBot

Become an RPA Expert with this free online RPA training session using TruBot

Learn RPA Online

The 3-hour free online Robotic Process Automation training will give you a hands-on experience of Datamatics TruBot and will help you in driving RPA initiatives in your organisation.


  • Introduction to TruBot and its high-level architecture

  • Hands-on training on TruBot Designer and learn to create and design RPA bots
    Topics covered: Project creation (Running Designer, Creating Project, Select TruBot Template) | Components / Toolbox (Component Groups, Add component, Search component, Modify Component) | Web Recorder (Browser selection, URL, Recording activities, Data scraping, Merge, Editing recorded activities)

  • Hands-on training on TruBot Cockpit and learn to centrally manage and monitor your entire bot workforce deployed across the enterprise 
    Topics covered: Dashboard, Users, Processes, Bot Station, Bots, Schedules, Credentials, Applications, Configurations, Reports, Audit.

  • Use Cases creation
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Training Participant Reviews

Excellent Information and I liked the way we worked along with the presenter to give "hands on". Great information.

- CTO,
Consulting Services 

Nice explanation and answers by trainer and team.

- Developer,
Computer Software

It was very nice experience, highly satisfied with content of traning and Q&A.

- Senior Developer,
Computer Software