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Technology & AI today are catalysts to deliver unparalleled CX. Today, your customer expects a heightened level of CX where technology and AI emerge as the driving force to give this boost. “Companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in CX trends.” states a customer engagement report.

While we push boundaries with technology & AI, we also need to maintain a delicate balance in defining where technology is prime and where a human role needs to be defined. Elevated CX needs a symbiotic AI + Human relationship to deliver. 

The right technological intervention in the customers will help you understand, anticipate, and fulfill needs with unparalleled precision. But the right mix of AI + Human can create enduring connections setting higher standards in customer satisfaction.

Join our panel of experts to understand:

  • How can you enable a technology ecosystem with AI at the core for better CX?
  • How will AI break silos to create ‘Hyper-Personalized Experiences’?
  • How AI can de-risk operations?
  • How can GenAI augment regular agents to become Super Agents?
  • How can automation improve efficiencies?
  • How can you save costs without compromising on CX?
  • Finally, how to maintain a Human + AI balance without compromising on customer experiences

Join the webinar to transform CX one customer interaction at a time!

Sandeep Arora
President of Digital Experiences,

DB Banerjee
VP, Strategic GTM,

external speaker neosoft-2
Cano Wang
Director of CX Solution and Technology,

Jake-Braly-_ (2)
Jake Braly
Chief Revenue Officer,

Praveer Chadha
SVP, Customer Management Services,