e-Waste Management

The environment is one of the key focus areas for Datamatics, whereby the Company endeavors to contribute towards developing a sustainable society. At Datamatics, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Our people aligned to bring about change in their business practice and contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions.

Datamatics stands committed to follow the e-Waste management rule 2016 published by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoFF) and has a comprehensive e-Waste management policy


Power / Electricity Conservation

Electricity Conservation is one of the most critical aspects towards Global warming. Datamatics has taken a few steps towards conserving it in the various offices, including:

  • Replacing the lights with LEDs at all locations.
  • Motion Sensor lights & AC vents in meeting rooms/washrooms & cabins in all areas.
  • Switching off all the computer systems when not in use.
  • Optimized air conditioners with regular servicing.
  • Use of Daylight wherever possible in offices.

Let the Earth Breathe: Tree Planting Activity

Environment and Employability have been the critical themes for Datamatics CSR, and in different geographies, we plan various initiatives to protect nature and aid in employment.

Datamatics CMS proactively protects the environment in the Philippines by advocating recycling, conserving energy, organizing re-forestation excursions and using environment-friendly technologies. On May 5, 2022, Datamatics employees conducted a tree-planting exercise at the La Mesa Nature Reserve. This CSR activity in the Philippines was spearheaded by Krishna Rao, Director of Technology & Audit; Kelly Almo, AVP & Head of HR; Praveer Chadha, SVP & Location Head, Philippines; Sandeep Arora, EVP & CMS Global Head; Dr Rima Ghose Chowdhury, EVP & CHRO of Datamatics.

An enthusiastic group of employees began planting the Malapapaya (Polyscias nodosa) seedlings in the designated area. By planting trees in La Mesa Nature Reserve, we are preserving the last remaining forest in Metro Manila, which also protects the watershed. The La Mesa Nature Reserve absorbs 5% of the carbon emissions of Metropolitan Manila and is the primary source of drinking water for 12 million Filipinos. We may not see or feel the immediate impact of the activity, but everyone will benefit from this in the future. In two months, the saplings show good growth, and in about six years, they grow very tall and are also used for the production of chopsticks. We are happy to partner with the local Authorities and the Forest Officer in this eco-friendly mission.


Desktop Power Saving

Datamatics has installed Desktop Power saving software through Vigyanlabs –A semi Government funded Technology Development Organization which is focused on building products to promote green computing.

  • As a pilot run it is currently installed on approximate 100+ PC’s at Datamatics Nashik Office. Later in couple of months the same will be installed in 4400+ machines across PAN India Offices.
  • It’s a non-intrusive AI PowerMind Energy Savings app which helps save more than 50% energy consumed units.
  • The systems if found idle are put into sleep mode by this application resulting in power saving.
  • Application has Sustainable Analytics & Energy saved Reports.
  • It also helps in reducing carbon footprint.
desktop power saving

Replaced Conventional Lights with LED lights

  • Converted one entire floor at Nashik –Suyojit Building from Conventional to LED Lights.
  • It helped in reducing the power consumption.
  • It also helped in improving lux level efficiency from 210 to 395 lux in turn helping in maintaining health safety of employees.
  • We plan to install LED lights in other office locations.

Efficient Water Management

  • Water Tap Sensors- Water Tap Sensors are installed in washrooms to avoid water wastage and proper use of water.
  • Urinal Sensors- Installation of urinal sensors helped efficient use of water in urinals.

Say No to Plastic Bottles

  • A reusable water bottle/ filled water jars replaces all the plastics that you would have used and thereby reduces both your carbon footprint and helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams and other places that plastic waste ends up.
  • Datamatics has replaced packaged drinking water with filled glass water jars to avoid usage of plastic.

Other Environment conservation activities

  • Water purifiers/water coolers are installed in all offices.
  • HR documents for employees are mostly in the digital format.
  • Limited access to the printers in the office to save paper usage.
  • Invoices/ vouchers are processed digitally through portals to save papers.
  • All contracts are preserved and kept in the digital repository, which sustainably minimizes the printing of documents.
  • Automatic sensor taps are installed in all washrooms to save water.

Work in Progress

  • Setting-up target for net zero carbon footprint.
  • GHG Emissions – To reduce our per capita Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions.
  • Renewable Energy – Increase the renewable energy portion of our overall energy consumption.
  • Disposal of e-Waste - Quantum and Methodology.
  • To make all office locations free from ‘Single use plastics’.
  • Commitment towards water conservation through 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) approach.

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