Gartner’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Short- and LongTerm Actions for CIOs

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only the individuals but also the companies across the world and global economy at large. Companies are thriving towards business continuity and streamlining their operations in the time of crisis. Adoption of advanced technology becomes a critical option for the CIOs

Gartner says, "Customer demand has been unevenly impacted across industries. Some businesses have experienced a dramatic drop-off, with a 50% to 95% reduction in order volume compared to the same period last year, while others have completely shut down operations to curtail costs."

"This research aims to help CIOs to not only respond to the emergency outbreak of COVID-19, but also demonstrate leadership to increase business resilience and prepare for rebound and future growth."

  • Learn what impacts COVID-19 is having across businesses and how reduced consumer demand is a growing challenge for businesses across the world.
  • What are the top recommendations by Gartner for the CIOs of the world to overcome the challenges.



COVID-19 Enterprise Support Program