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Quadrant Solutions SPARK Matrix: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), 2020

The intelligent document processing platform market has grown by 67% in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 54.6% from 2021-2025. The market is expected to grow from an estimated market size of $443.3 million in 2020 to reach over $3.92 billion by 2025.

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SPARK Matrix analysis provides a snapshot of key market participants and a visual representation of market participants. It provides strategic insights on how each vendor ranks related to their competitors, concerning various performance parameters based on the category of technology excellence and customer impact.

The report recognized Datamatics TruCap+ as the market leader among 16 top players in the IDP market.

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Datamatics offers innovative IDP platform, TruCap+ that help enterprises step-up their intelligent automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, cloud, mobility, and advanced analytics.

AI-enabled. Template-free. High Accuracy. Faster Time-To-Automation.

The integrated AI in TruCap+ scans unstructured data and also reads, deciphers, and captures relevant information fields such as invoice numbers and dates and converts it into structured data.
The platform facilitates context-specific and intelligent data capture from various sources without creating any templates. TruCap+ facilitates high character accuracy, reduces errors, and improves straight through passes (STP) in document automation. It can process data from multiple sources like hard copies and digital data channels including, images, scanned documents, emails, and social media posts.

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TruCap+ Overview

Intelligent Data Processing Solution Highlights

300 Million Documents Processed - intelligent document processing (IDP) solution

300 Million

Documents processed through TruCap+ with over 99% accuracy of data output

Template Free Data Capture Solutions

Template free Data Capture

TruCap+ uses AI, fuzzy logic, image topography, and analytics.

40+ Pre-Processing Functionalities - Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution

40+ Pre-Processing Functionalities

Image enhancement pre-proceesing features to improve quality of input image 

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solution with Smart Post-Processing Features

30+ Smart Post-Processing Features

Smart document post-processing features to enhance the quality of output data

AI/ML Powered Intelligent Document Processing IDP Software Solutions

AI/ML Powered

Continuous auto-learning using AI/ML algorithms.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solution with Seamless Integration With RPA Platforms

Seamless Integration With All RPA Platforms

TruCap+ is not only compatible with TruBot RPA, but can also be seamlessly integrated with other 3rd party RPA platforms and all downstream systems.


TruCap+, will allow enterprises to realize faster time-to-value and achieve greater Straight-Through Processing (STP) with accuracy. The product is closely integrated with Datamatics Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product, TruBot.

Intelligent Document Processing - Data Extraction From Unstructured Documents

Get up and running faster with our Unique, Template-Free approach

Our template-free approach reduces set up time by 30% -70% and delivers faster time-to-automation. No need to create and maintain multitudes of document templates that escalate total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase time-to-value.

AI-enabled document capture and processing for a greater degree of automation & accuracy

AI-enabled document capture and processing for a greater degree of automation & accuracy

Pre-built AI/ML capabilities and business rules enable automated verification and validation of data. Continuous learning & improvement based on AI/ML algorithms and user inputs. Cognitive capabilities deliver a greater percentage of straight-through processing (STP) with a higher accuracy, thereby reducing manual effort and saving time. TruCap+ supports multiple OCR engines.

Deployment flexibility as per your business requirements

Deployment flexibility as per your business requirements

Deploy the IDP solution in the cloud or on-premises as per your business requirements. Cloud deployment ensures infrastructure flexibility and scalability with increasing IT workloads.

Tailor made for Business User persona

Tailor made for Business User persona

TruCap+ with its easy-to-use Configurator and a compelling UX enables business users to quickly achieve document automation. Browser-based access and an intuitive GUI ensures faster document processing.

Seamless integration with TruBot for end-to-end automation

Seamless integration with TruBot for end-to-end automation

Achieve end-to-end automation by ingesting unstructured data from documents and its conversion to structured data using RPA and IDP in combination, TruCap+ integrates with TruBot and other leading RPA products.

Flexible, tiered pricing based on page volume

Flexible, tiered pricing based on page volume

Flexible pricing models provide a range of options to chose from depending on your business requirements, be it thousands or millions of documents. Our transparent pricing ensures business value and offers the options to add-on greater page volume(s) if the need arises.

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