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Big Data and Big Insights

Big Data and Big Insights

~ Mr. Sanjeet Banerji

The past few years have witnessed exponential growth in data volumes, forms and sources of data. To handle this ever increasing complexity and dimensionality, an Intelligent Framework for knowledge discovery is required. This framework should also support text analysis, visualization, intelligent search, man-machine interface, data management, geo-spatial, temporal data processing including statistics processing.

A holistic approach based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics provides such a framework. It brings forth a breakthrough natural language-based cognitive technology, which provides instant access to powerful predictive and visual analytic tools for businesses in general and market research in particular. It blends information visualization, cognitive and perceptual sciences, graphic design and social sciences for analytical reasoning to draw and visualize powerful insights by collating data from a wide range of data sources, predominantly text. The framework fully leverages big data by using elastic search, text analytics, and machine learning (ML) upon which one can build both strategic and tactical visual analytics for market research.



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