Leveraging AI for CX can have a significant advantage that can leave a lasting impression on your customers!

AI can create a positive impact by delivering outcomes like - freeing human agents to focus on more complex and nuanced issues, agent efficiency, speed, reduced operations Cost Saving, scalability & hyper-personalization. However, it can also lead to - lack of a Human approach, lack of empathy and emotional intelligence, over-dependence on AI, privacy and security concerns, and inaccuracy in issue resolution due to lack of ‘Human/Agent Intelligence’. To maintain a balance you need an expert who can ‘Humanize the Digital’, and understand the CX landscape while keeping AI & Automation at the core.

You need an expert who can thoughtfully integrate ethical AI into your CX operations and deploy a 'AI + Human' approach.

Join us for this insightful & iterative Live Webinar to understand how you can create the right balance of Human + AI. You will learn about:

  • How to deploy ‘Ethical AI’
  • How to blend AI with Human Support
  • Training your AI Systems
  • Security & privacy Measures
  • How to improve speed to service & CX with a Human Touch

Sandeep Arora
President of Digital Experiences,

Puneet Jain
Chief Strategy Officer, Board Member, RAKEZ

Larry Fleischman
SVP of Global Sales, Datamatics 

Praveer Chadha
SVP, Customer Management services, Datamatics

Finn Raben
Ex-Officio Director, Market Research Institute International