Past Webinars

iBPM Webinar

Date: 02 05 2018

As digital transformation scales up, banks have got the tremendous opportunity to lead innovation and integration thus making a major difference in their company's future.

Today's digital world demands that companies take a proactive approach towards changing business scenarios. With the unprecedented regulation and the cut-throat competition coming over the horizon, now is a crucial time for banks to upgrade to modern operations capabilities.

The 3Cs of Records Management – Control, Compliance, and Cost

The 3Cs of Records Management – Control, Compliance, and Cost

Date: 05 04 2017

Records Management is a core obligation for every organization, and is gaining momentum across different industry verticals, especially the banking and financial institutions. With an exponential growth in data and the concerns around managing the same, it is imperative for every enterprise to implement a sound Records & Information Management strategy. This will not only help in streamlining processes and managing records, but also help in effectively adhering to customer as well as regulatory requirements.

Deploying an effective and secure Data-Output Strategy

Deploying an effective and secure Data-Output Strategy

Date: 30 11 2016

Data is consumed by all levels of an organisation and the consumption vary as per the role and rights assigned to the respective business users. It has been observed that enterprises in the quest to manage this variedness end up deploying multiple tools and technologies thereby creating complexity, manageability issues, compromise on data security and increased costs. An effective centralised data-output strategy which can balance the IT and business units of an enterprise in managing data-availability, can assist an organisation in overcoming these challenges.

A strong ECM for Digital TRANSFORMATION

Digital Transformation through ECM Migration

Date: 26 10 2016

An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system has come a long way from the days of siloed systems. As the world becomes more digitally-intensive, a strong ECM offers an opportunity for companies to digitally transform and remain competitive in this digital world. It can take many forms, including collaboration tools, Web- or server-based file- and document-sharing technology, social media systems, enterprise mobility and more.


Date: 23 03 2016

People are the most valuable asset for any organization. And as companies grow more metric insistent, HR departments are expected to tap talent in new ways to build and expand their capacity to analyze and offer critical information about human capital.

Get Ready for 2016: Top 5 AP Automation Mistakes to Avoid

Date: 21 10 2015

Datamatics in collaboration with PayStream Advisors – the leading AP research & advisory firm, will discuss on the Top 5 AP Automation Mistakes to Avoid in order to jump-start your P2P automation journey!

Optimize the Lifecycle of Payments to Insights through Technology & Process

Date: 04 12 2013

Efficient and value-adding financial operations are an important aspect of competitive and successful businesses.
The need of the hour for Finance organizations is to bring in better cash management and working capital improvement with insights for sound business decisions.

Datamatics invites you to join Roger Poirier, Assistant Controller for LQ Management, LLC, as he shares the success story of his organization leveraging automation to enhance business productivity.

Digitisation Transformation: Million finance documents digitised each day

Date: 05 12 2013

Datamatics Complimentary Webinar Learning Series in association with Iron Mountain

Less paper to paperless office!

Research claims data capture, extraction, indexing and document processing services revenues in Europe to grow from €25.3 billion in 2011 to €30.3 billion by 2016 at a 3.7% CAGR.

Join us as John Walker of Iron Mountain & Ramaswamy Subramanian of Datamatics share best practices to help reduce reliance on paper and accelerate the transition to digital records through automation.

The "WOW" and "HOW" of Multi-Channel Customer Experience

Date: 25 09 2013

Latest Research indicates that nearly 60% of retailers find it difficult to keep their customers engaged and win their loyalty. In today’s multi-channel commerce environment, it is vital that you provide them a consistent buying experience.

Migration Strategy for your Legacy ECM System

Date: 12 09 2013
Are Legacy Systems holding back your business?
Outdated platforms inevitably lead to overwhelming costs of maintenance, unwanted delays & increased risk of outages. Migration to a cutting edge ECM platform remains the only way out to overcome these obstacles.