Robotic Test Automation Powered by RPA


With new technology and methodologies evolving each day there is a need to constantly introduce new testing techniques to sustain and deliver high quality systems. Testers need to adapt and implement automated software testing to detect bugs at an accelerated pace and reduce testing time without compromising on the quality of the systems and processes before releasing to the production environment.

Datamatics’ robotic test automation solution, TruTest, incorporates some of the most advanced and efficient testing techniques that works with real-time data. With Datamatics TruTest you can run automated tests simultaneously across all environments and platforms. Datamatics Digital Testing suite comprises automation testing tools ranging from Big Data Testing related to big data applications, Agile Testing related to the contemporary applications, to Core Testing related to the strength of the application core. This suite in its entirety ensures tensility and sustainability of both your modern applications and bespoke legacy applications in multivariate business scenarios.



Mature Testing PracticeMature Testing Practice

Engage testing expertise –

  • 15+ years of executing testing projects in complex environments
  • 120+ projects executed
  • 320+ verification & validation experts
  • 145+ experts in ISQTB, CSTE, HP, IBM

Testing Technology EnablersTesting Technology Enablers

Use testing enablers –

  • Selenium
  • .Net Framework
  • IBM
  • Android
  • Neotys
  • JMeter
  • Filenet
  • MS Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
Faster Time To Market

Faster Time To Market

  • Reduce testing time by 40-60% and improve test case quality in parallel for accelerating the pace of application development
Robotic Test Automation with Automated Operations

Automated Operations

  • Access a common platform for test and operational automation for conducting testing on fast moving and real-time data
Reduced Cost And Efforts with RTA

Reduced Cost And Efforts

  • Reduce costs by 40-60% by engaging a tool agnostic framework and reduce efforts in tandem in the testing and overall software development
Improved Application Quality with our automation testing

Improved Application Quality

  • Test real-time test data from multiple sources along with early involvement of domain experts in testing in a shift-left approach



Agile Test Automation Powered by RPA

Agile Testing

  • Meet quality assurance (QA) requirements through continuous and end-to-end testing in an agile and iterative software development environment
  • Perform testing even during implementation phase through unit tests, regression tests, exploratory tests, and test driven development
DevOps - TruTest - RTA Digital Testing

DevOps QA

  • Ensure rapid and high quality product development and deployment 
  • Feed in freshly developed code in production and provide continuous software application delivery throughout the iterative application lifecycle
Cloud Testing with TruTest - Digital Test Automation Powered by RPA

Cloud Testing

  • Leverage the cloud infrastructure to ensure high quality service delivery
  • Engage remote environment over the internet, in part and in entirety of the cloud application in private, public, and hybrid modes based on the business and application requirements
Big Data Testing - RTA Powered by RPA

Big Data Testing

  • Engage data integration testing, data repository testing and analytic layer testing related to big data applications


Test Advisory Services

Test Advisory Services

  • Identify gaps in existing testing techniques compared to market standards 
  • Establish a roadmap to achieve the desired testing setup that will help the business reach its goal
Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

  • Achieve the user load that the business expects
  • Initiate the performance test much earlier in the lifecycle by identifying performance bottlenecks at both code and service levels
Testing COE Building

Testing COE Building

  • Institutionalize a centralized quality assurance framework that helps the tools, methodologies, techniques and processes to deliver a flawless end-product to the customer


Test Automation

Test Automation

  • Engage robust test automation solutions by leveraging both open source and proprietary framework through various tools such as UFT, Selenium web driver, rational function testing, etc.
Performance Testing

Performance Testing

  • Use performance testing techniques, which envelop an entire gamut of testing methodologies, including load, stress, soak, spike, and endurance testing to uncover system or workload defects through testing tools, such as JMeter, Loadrunner, rational performance tester, etc.
Usability Testing

Usability Testing

  • Address all usability issues for the site through responsive testing, SEO audits, response time testing and UI / UX testing
Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing

  • Use advanced cross browser testing methodologies to check the compatibility of applications across multiple web browsers
  • Design an optimal browser-agnostic user experience

Compatibility TestingCompatibility Testing

  • Assure whether the software runs on different hardware configurations, operating systems, multi-cloud environments, clients, mobility devices and solutions, etc.

Functional TestingFunctional Testing

  • Validate software applications against technical specifications and functional requirements
  • Test the main functions, primary usability, accessibility, errors / alert messages, etc.

Datamatics Innovative Testing Approach

TruTest – Robotic Automation TestingTruTest – Robotic Automation Testing

  • Test real-time data with robotic automation testing, ensure shift-left, and improve time to market
  • Test across all environments and platforms, in parallel, in real-time towards Digital Assurance
ACCELQ – AI-based Testing

AI-based Testing

  • Leverage the partnership between ACCELQ and Datamatics for Artificial Intelligence (AI) based testing, design-related predictive analytics, autonomic test automation, and adaptive change management
  • Use the AI-testing platform for Web & UI Testing, SSH Testing, API Test Automation, NoSQL Testing, Mainframe Automation, Message Queues, Database testing, Miscellaneous environments

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