SENTIpedeTM is a unique blend of Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics, coupled with BI, that allows companies to receive and analyze real time feedback/comments on what is said or written about them on social media. This helps the business to immediately respond and improve brand reputation, continuously monitor to mitigate threats, and identify new opportunities to further enhance brand positioning.

This customizable tool enables businesses define and program vital keywords and their combinations to intelligently extract data from social media. Its intelligence helps collate relevant social media mentions, categorize them as per defined labels, analyze and create dashboards with an automatic public sentiment score. Using pre-programmable features, the tool helps to actively scan social media and provide insights for further action. The tool has a robust design and can be integrated with CRM and third party applications.


  • Provides customization as per requirements including Brand Monitoring, Competitive Analysis, and Strategy Formulation for anticipating and shaping customer interactions 
  • Assesses tonality and the positivity, negativity, and neutrality of online discussions 
  • Provides highly developed segmentation capabilities, with at-a-glance metrics, reports, and delivery options 
  • Deciphers the emotional meaning from text logs, images, and videos to provide actionable insights using a blend of man and machine  
  • Provides quick alerts and anytime anywhere accessibility, which helps customer service teams to become highly responsive
  • Taps into real-time customer sentiments and preferences expressed on social media as against traditional analytics of static historical data


 Using SENTIpedeTM, businesses can undertake the following three types of research projects:

  1. Continuous monitoring – of brands, companies, eminent personalities, etc.
  2. Pre & Post event – This is a one-time exercise, which kicks-off before a particular event and continues for a few weeks afterwards.
  3. Focused research around Usage & Attitude of a defined category using social media data