With customers constantly on the move, they look up to enterprises to provide anytime anywhere issue resolutions. They need quick service either through mobile, chat, or email resulting in speed and customer experience becoming the new high points in retaining and acquiring customers. In face of this, enterprises need to continuously come up with innovative solutions to fulfil customer requirements, differentiate themselves, and create swift experiences that speak of integrity, transparency, and authenticity. Datamatics offers a seamless omni-channel customer service support that enables enterprises to provide their customers with an integrated, personalized, and consistent customer service experience. Datamatics leverages latest technology to help enterprises support their customers through phone, mobile, chat, social media, IVR, virtual assistants, SMS, and email. The approach helps to gain a 360 degree view of customer interactions to help them serve better across all communication touch points.


What We Do


  • Technical Support:
    • Offer Level 1 and Level 2 support to enterprises to resolve their technical issues in real-time around-the-clock
    • Provide precise solutions through highly-skilled personnel for quicker issue resolution
    • Support almost half a million end-users and provide maintenance support for millions of technology devices through native language support
    • Offer support across various domains including Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, eCommerce, and Travel & Leisure
  • Collections:
    • Support enterprises with their dunning activities through voice and non-voice media with highly effective results for both early stage and late stage collections
    • Abide by the law of the land and exercise judiciousness in the recovery process on a case-to-case basis  at the same time maintaining high compliance standards
  • Customer Acquisition & Sales:
    • Offer help with omni-channel responses to in-bound sales queries and out-bound calls
    • Provide support through a single unified customer service platform in real-time to maximize benefit from each customer contact
    • Provide skilled interactions coupled with customer acquisition strategies to increase conversion rate, ensure repeat business, and aggressively meet cross-selling and up-selling targets
  • KYC & Verification Services:
    • Provide help with verification and validation of data forms in both hard and soft copy formats with a shorter TAT cycle
    • Offer effective resolutions with SLA abidance and high success rate
  • First Contact Resolution:
    • Provide quick, end-user query resolutions through an omni-channel environment across diverse verticals including but not limited to Banking, Travel, Telecommunications, eCommerce, etc.
    • Offer CTI support for maintaining end-to-end record of customer communication while handling 5 million interactions annually


Datamatics Advantage


  • Technology-driven approach to help achieve operational efficiencies using increasing First Contact Resolution (FCR), personalization, and targeted communication based on customer preferences and attributes
  • Use of Analytics solutions on all assignments to help the client decipher critical impact areas, take informed decisions and mitigate risks, optimize operations and business services, seek opportunities to lower costs
  • Compliance-driven approach to help businesses manage risk & compliance and support organizational transformation
  • End customer-centric solutions to generate high impact and strengthen engagement
  • SLA-driven single platform for all channels with ticket-based interactions towards providing an integrated experience
  • Trained Executives inducted for each business process, who are well-versed in addressing customer issues and educating them to create a trust-based cooperative environment
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with the CRM system helps in seamlessly addressing customer issues
  • Multi-lingual Voice & Non-Voice capabilities help cater to diverse geographical locations. The language capabilities include English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin (Cantonese), Tagalog, Japanese, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese.