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Customer Onboarding

Banks and financial institutions invest a lot of time and money to acquire new customers but end up losing a large percentage of them during onboarding.

The reason is simple: From identification, verification, regulatory and legal compliance to account opening, the onboarding processes are paper-intensive and time-consuming, leaving potential customers dissatisfied with the experience. In a highly competitive marketplace, where customers are spoilt for choice, onboarding delays can prove expensive for banks and financial institutions.

Datamatics helps clients shrink turnaround times for customer onboarding by using automation and digitization. Our suite of solutions – including robotics-based automation (RPA) and intelligent document management – significantly increases the efficiency of KYC verification, compliance and account opening processes and gives customers a superior service experience.



• Improved customer service – increased digital access, quicker turnarounds, less cumbersome processes

• Greater financial oversight and lower operational risk

• More efficient KYC processes and faster compliance

• More than 50% reduction in KYC form processing costs

• Over 99.99% accuracy of processed forms

• Up to 80% increase in productivity


Agent Onboarding

Agents are a critical driver of business for insurance companies. They are also a key customer touchpoint and are often seen as the face of the insurance company. Engaging and retaining agents is, therefore, extremely important for insurers, and the process begins with onboarding.

Datamatics supports insurance clients in providing a seamless, quick and efficient onboarding process for their agents. Our services include capturing and processing agent applications, creating, printing and distributing agency kits, and helping provide product orientation to new agents.

Our services help insurance companies identify and select the right agents, speed up the time-to-market for agents, and ensure the agents who do represent the company are better oriented with the products and have all the information they need to service customers.


Credit Card Processing

In an increasingly commoditized and competitive market, the cost of customer acquisition for credit cards is soaring. Banks and financial institutions want to do all they can to deliver a superior experience to customers up front to maximise conversions. Reducing the time-to-issue new credit cards is one of the way in which they are trying to do that.

Datamatics helps banks use robotics process automation (RPA) to significantly shrink turnaround times and cost to process new credit card applications. For credit card customers this means a better experience because they can get a card in hours instead of days.

Datamatics leverages a suite of solutions to automate the entire process –intelligent data capture, OCR and analysis to process paper applications; automated credit rating checks using APIs of rating agencies; and rule-based algorithms to approve applications and set credit limits.

Datamatics Robotics Process Automation solutions helps credit card companies:

  • Reduce time-to-issue for credit cards
  • Bring down processing costs
  • Reduce human error
  • Achieve scale
  • Deliver a better customer experience

Loan Management

In an increasingly competitive mortgage market, the speed at which a bank or financial institution (lender) disburses a loan is a differentiator during customer acquisition.

Loan origination processes – right from verification to credit rating to sanction – are complex, human-intensive and time consuming. While lenders are keen to shrink turnaround times, they also have to monitor the mortgages for fraud and credit risk.

Datamatics helps financial institutes like Banks substantially reduce time-to-sanction and the risk-of-fraud by bringing in Robotics and high levels of process automation, advanced data capture and analysis, intelligent workflows solutions and predictive algorithms. 

Our Robotics-based loan origination solution powered by Trubot enables lenders to reduce operational cost, provide better customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the market. Datamatics’ clients are able to take faster informed decision and achieve higher returns.

Datamatics’ Loan Management suite includes integrated document management, workflow analytics and mobility solutions. The suite integrates with clients’ systems and seamlessly integrates with core applications without making any changes to the underlying framework.


  • Reduces loan processing cycle from ~5 days to few hours
  • Improves customer experience
  • Reduces operational costs up to 40%
  • Facilitates faster decision making while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Expedites loan decisions through instant access to documents
  • Facilitates faster information sharing by the use of intelligent workflows