Datamatics’ Lexicon is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based text analytics platform that intelligently extracts large volumes of static as well as streaming data, content, sentiments, entities and a plethora of other information and automatically classifies them into categories. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and analyses the context to derive quick actionable insights from unstructured text. Lexicon enables financial institutions to unveil actionable intelligence that is hidden in unstructured text in different languages or forms such as text, printed or scanned. Lexicon provides faster analytics, smart dashboards, a visual interactive interface, a collaborative platform and ease of use.


  • The product has the capability to process huge amounts of unutilized data or Dark Data to extract intelligence.
  • It parses both static and streaming data in multiple languages to derive insights.
  • It auto-classifies voluminous data into different categories and analyzes it to derive intelligence.
  • It traces actionable insights from multi-structured text and supports 100+ languages and dialects.