Internet of Things


Datamatics helps build intelligent connected devices and software solutions that enable Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. These connected devices or ‘smart’ devices are embedded with sensors and actuators, which have a unique identity or IP address, and are able to interoperate with the existing Internet infrastructure.

Datamatics’ Advantage

Datamatics’ IoT devices are designed to optimize infrastructure and streamline processes. They enable organizations to build an integrated system to monitor, detect, connect, and control diverse devices and, as a result, standardize critical functions. These solutions improve risk management, and reduce costs.

What we Do?

Product Engineering Services

Datamatics is part of a broad partnership ecosystem comprising silicon and hardware companies. Our services include development of devices such as IoT gateways, sensors/actuators, connectivity hubs/modules, etc., that are instrumental in building the different layers of a full-fledged, integrated IoT solution.

Key Capabilities

  • Device domain knowledge in most industry sectors, including Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Retail, Healthcare, Transport, and Peripheral Banking
  • Expertise in smart device solutions, including POS, ATM, ticket vending machines, fare collection systems, and handheld validators
  • Experience in Board Support Package (BSP) and driver development

IoT Platform Enablement and Application Development Services

Datamatics has an established partner ecosystem comprising premier IoT/M2M service enablement platform companies.  We maximize customer value by guiding clients through the IoT enablement process, from identifying the platform to application enablement. 

Key Capabilities

  • Open Source Platforms for ROI-driven solutions
  • Domain knowledge in Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, Retail, Healthcare, Transport, and Ancillary Banking
  • M2M/IOT platform ecosystem